Thursday, October 16, 2008

How McCain lost the final debate

Ultimately, McCain lost the debate because Obama demonstrated that he had a superior grasp of the issues. Much like his running mate, McCain was reduced to uttering the same tired out platitudes that we had heard in previous debates. But when Obama repeated familiar lines, he often made an effort to contextualize his points in new ways. Listening to Obama was a richer experience.

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  1. McCain did fine. I am beginning to think that Obama's only concern is in lifting himself up, while McCain's purpose to to lift the people of the United States.

    Regarding the remark about the Adler Planetarium.
    Yes, the Adler Planetarium is a wonderful educational place for our children and it supports science and technology, but it should be funded by private donors. Instead of giving money to Obama's campaign, they should give it to the planetarium.

    It should be noted that Mayor Daley just announced that the City of Chicago will be demanding that city workers take unpaid days off this year to help get Chicago get out of debt.. This will raise 20 million dollars for the city.

    Perhaps, we should ask the city workers if they would take another day off to fund the Planetarium project? At the same time, even another day of unpaid vacation for city workers would help to fund the 8 million dollars that is spent on security for Obama in Chicago, which, by the way, is expected to increase greatly if he is elected, not to mention taking police from one area of the city and relocating them to provide security for Obama and leaving the other area short of protection.

    Maybe Chicagoans are willing to sacrifice. Let's put it to a vote! Forget about the CTA problem, etc. Perhaps, the people are willing to sacrifice certain things like CTA fares rising, Real EstateTaxes rising, sales tax rising to fund things like the planetarium and Obama's security. Let's ask them. Have a vote in Chicago on Nov. 4th when everyone is going to the polls anyway, and find out how the People feel about it. After all, we are a democracy, right?

  2. to anonymous I don't know which debate you were watching but you're post is totally half baked, probably like yourself.


  3. Anonymous,

    Why do you choose not to look at the big picture? We are talking about a presidential race, not the election for mayor of Chicago.

    The US military budget exceeds $500 billion. The president has some -- some -- say in how that kind of money gets spent.

    Don't you think a country that can afford to develop and mass produce the F-35B (a new jet fighter) or the CSAR-X (mil. chopper) should be able to buy a state-of- the-art star projector that benefits science education in Chicago schools?

    Some people think getting American kids excited about science is a national security issue. As much so as particular weapons program -- and a whole lot cheaper.

    Obama gets it.

    And if a city like Chicago has too little money to pay for various city workers, could it be that their money is being spent in Baghdad instead?

    Look at the big picture.


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