Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stupidest question of the debate

I thought Bob Schieffer was the best moderator of presidential debates. Schieffer asked one really good question. Relative to past moderators, his questions elicited interesting responses.

However, Schieffer did ask one silly question. (Anyone who happened to catch the "financial crisis quote of the day" or the "interview with George Soros" posts would have recognized what was so bizarre about the question). The question?
What will you cut back in terms of spending?
You can watch the video of the debate segment related to that question bellow, or read an excerpt of this exchange extracted from my live-blogging post of the debate post. Here is the video clip of the relevant exchange (via CNET):

McCain's continued call for a "spending freeze" suggests just how out of touch he is with modern economics. McCain does not seem to understand that avoiding a deep recession will call for massive spending increases. Obama rightly attacked McCain on his fetish for a "freeeze," but from another angle; that of someone concerned about funding a cure for autism.

And to think that McCain mentioned Obama's "projector" for a third time!

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