Thursday, October 16, 2008

Even Fox News disputes it

This post is a compilation of what I considered to have been the best and worst lines of the final presidential debate.

Best lines of the debate:

  • "Not true. Even Fox News disputes it."
  • "I don't think America's youth are an 'interest group.' They are our future."
  • "He (McCain) has been watching (too many) ads of Sen McCain."
  • "Americans less interested in our hurt feelings than addressing the issues."*
  • "Let me tell you who I associate with . . . "on economic policy, Warren Buffet, on foreign policy: Joe Biden, the Republican Lugar, General Jim Jones of NATO. I think that this [your attacks on me for my association with Ayers] is such an important part of your campaign says a lot more about you than about me."*
  • "Are each of you willing to say to each others face the things your campaigns have said about each other?" More on this question --and Obama's brilliant answers -- here.*
Worst lines of the debate

  • "Including [$3 million] for an overhead projector in his home town." That's an utterly unsubstantiated criticism of Obama. It's an issue McCain brought up twice in the last debate. See this post. I would call it a lie, one big philistine lie.
  • "I come from a long line of McCains that have served our country in war and in peace." This line irritates me because McCain should not have to say this about himself. He should have others say this sort of thing for him. It also seems a blatant attempt to remind voters that McCain is "a regular American guy," not like "that one."
*Three of the best lines of the debate are examined here.
To view all these lines in the context of the debate, visit my unofficial debate transcript page.

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