Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best question and answer of the final presidential debate

I thought this was the best question, followed by the best answers -- all provided by Obama -- of the presidential debate.
Q: O said M is angry, out of touch lying. M said .. lying, P said terrorist. Are each of you willing to say to each others face the things your campaigns have said about each other? (This was a really good question)

M: If only Obama had sat down with me in town hall debates like I proposed then we would not be experiencing so much negativity in the campaign. (M isn't looking at O).
The way Barry Goldwater did before tragedy at Dallas (What? Very strange). Deaths of children at church bombings. John Lewis comments, very unfair totally inappropriate. O has spent more money on negative ads.

O: 2/3 of US people think M running a negative campaign. 100 percent negative John. Americans less interested in our hurt feelings than addressing the issues. Health, to suggest the notion we aren't doing town halls somehow justifies the negative ads going up! (McCain's point was not logical, and O rightly pointed out this out). I don't mean being attacked for the next 3 weeks. What the Americans deserve over next three weeks is discussion of economic crisis. M campaign said don't want to talk about that. I would love to talk about issues. Politics as as usual is not solving main problems. (O hit it out of the ballpark).

M: lists specific ads that were wrong. (O should say he won't go listing ads O doesn't agree with.)

O: If we want to talk about Congressman Lewis said -- unprompted by my campaign . . . Lewis was troubled that people were shouting things like terrorist and kill him. I think Cong. Lewis saying.... I put out a statement saying Lewis went over the line comparing it to Civil rights movement unrest. (O is totally in command of this thing. O is absolutely DESTROYING McCain!)

M: I'm proud of the people who go to our rally. To say those veterans are not patriots, I'm not going to stand here to someone saying that someone yelled at rally that I'm not happy. Some T-shirts. (M is attacking Obama for what? McCain is angry at Obama, and it's not clear why. McCain is pretending that Obama -- by mentioning the fact some McCain supporters have shouted "kill him" and "terrorist" -- has somehow insulted all McCain supporters?! Weird.)

Q: Do you take issue? (This debate is incredible)

O: If we are going to lift wages we are going to have to work together, disagree without being disagreeable.

M: You asked me... We need to know extent of O's relation to Acorn which is destroying fabric of democracy.

O: I will respond to Ayers. It is the centerpiece of the McCain campaign. Ayers is a Prof of education in Chicago. Despicable acts in 60s. 10 years ago I served on S Reform board, Annenberg, with Pres. of Chic Tribune, Pres of Ill Uni. Acorn apparently paying people to go out and register folks, some just filled out a bunch of names. My only involvement was when worked with Dept of Justice. Let me tell you who I associate with: economic policy: Buffet, foreign policy: Lugar Jim Jones, NATO, Biden. I think that this is such an important part of your campaign says more about you than about me. (Obama is demolishing M)

M: You started career in Ayer's living room.

O: Not true.

Source: Jotman's unofficial transcript.

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