Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin foreign policy experience timeline

This is a timeline of Palin's foreign policy experiences. It is an extrapolation of events from the timeline of Palin's career and life experiences posted here.

Palin Foreign Policy Experience Timeline

2006 - Elected Governor of Alaska, a state which borders Canada and is near Russia.
2007 - July - Palin applies for US passoport
2007 - August - Palin visits Kuwait and Germany where she meets with wounded members of Alaska's National Guard. Palin visits Dublin airport (plane refueling).

Timeline will be updated if more information becomes available. In the meantime, read previous post. Photo shows Air Force One landing in India.

UPDATE: see "an email from a Siberian"


  1. Excellent posts Jot! Hilarious yet scary all at the same time...

  2. yo, jotman !

    I think you've swallowed the bait of neo-con media campaign - u seem like paying too much attention to Palin (or even to Obama Vs McCain charade). she is nothing and nobody. better to shed light on some real issues !

    see this video, which is explaining nicely all the fuss about Palin as neo-con "story" :

    "... taking off attention from a bigger story"
    "... focusing on personality over substance, creating artificial scandals..."
    "... they have very well constructed media machine which can take a murmur and turn it into a roar... "

    somehow I haven't noticed you talking much about issues raised by Ron Paul or any of 3rd party candidates. or about Fed and current economic depression sliding into a default.

    that's quite strange for a blogger - appears like you rather play along with MSM ? ;)

  3. Anonymous 1,
    Thank you.

    Anonymous 2,
    First, good point: Ron Paul's policy positions are relevant to the economic crisis. More ought to be said about this.

    However, any suggestion that Jotman has followed MSM or neo-con agenda in his coverage of the Palin candidacy is incorrect. I blogged about Palin well before the MSM took any interest in her prospects:

    To the extent that McCain turned "a nothing and a nobody" into a potential world leader makes it the most significant decision of McCain's career.

    But that's surely not the whole measure of Palin, who has repeated many untruths about herself, put personal expenses on the state tab, exhibited blatant disregard for the welfare of the state's wild animals, and shown an inclination to inject religion into politics much as she has used her political power to settle personal scores.

    I think there is danger in underestimating Sarah Palin.

  4. I think the real the danger is - to allow oneself to get distracted from REAL issues (another elections being STOLEN by neo-cons, and imminent war with Iran + total economic collapse... not even starting to talk about possible martial law, FEMA concentration camps etc - what is discussed a lot nowadays OUTSIDE MSM) - and follow so closely the SOAP OPERA of Palin's political story ! that's exactly what the "producers" of this SHOW called elections intended it to be: to dupe the brainwashed "flag-waving" crowd into GOSSIP ("oh ! lipstick comment - outrageous ! ").

    you say that you don't follow MSM. well, Ok. but then - how come you talk ONLY about main candidates as Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin ? why I can't see any posts about Nader or Ron Paul, or other third-party candidates ? not to speak - the facts like economic depression under way, US naval armada on stand by in Persian Fulge + another naval force with 100 missiles in the Black sea; not much mentioned either about civilian deaths in Afghan, Iraq, now perhaps even Pakistan? the huge ANTI-WAR momentum increasing there - like Iraq veterans marching during RNC convention only to be contained by "storm troopers" (yeah, they won't dare to attack so openly in publci soldiers who sacrificed for their country!)....

    I mean - sure, it is your blog, who am I to tell you what you should or shouldn't talk about in here. but isn't blogs supposed to be attempting to provide and discuss the ALTERNATIVE information to what MSM feed us non-stop? and I merely gave you an example of comparison - which issues seems to be missing or lacking here, and other are perhaps even fair to say - in excess.

    in your reply to my comment you go on talking about "McCain turned "a nothing and a nobody" into a potential world leader" and about "danger in underestimating Sarah Palin".... dude ! McCain didn't make her anything ! he is senile moron and a lousy artist performing on the stage of US politics (at least Bush-clown is more entertaining!). he can't possibly make anyone anything. HE himself is being "made" into something.

    so the real issue is not he or Palin or Obama - who are merely a figureheads - but those who pull the strings ! like guys in CFR, bankers ruling the Fed, the whole MIC (mil.-industr.-complex)...

    Palins and Bushs and Obamas, and McCains come and go. they are only on the surface, and only for a while. the real issues are being conducted "behind the curtains".

    yeah, perhaps such subjects as NAU, amero, etc. are too sensitive even for a blogger (who is concerned about being branded as "conspiracy theorist") - but there are a lot of issues which ARE discussed or at least touched upon in MSM: like the "bailout" (yeah, I saw your recent posts) and the DOLLAR collapse (searc for Jim Rogers, Ron Paul you already know about), or about "petro-dollar" (for example: 6 Arab countries GCC said they'll create their own single currency to trade oil in; Osaka SE started to trade in BRIC currencies, Gazprom announced starting to sell its gas/oil in rubles, Iran Kish bourse already trading in Euro and few other currencies)....

    so many thins could be discussed, which still majority of public are not even aware of ! and these are WITHIN the limits of "credible" news (I mean - which are already a FACT, not a "conspiracies"). however you seems to be mostly concentrating on Palin/ McCain/ Obama ....

    that's sad, dude !

  5. "Anonymous 1" - and what's so hilarious about it? perhaps the mockery of US Constitution and the sham called "elections" ?

  6. Anonymous:

    Palin has served as a diversion. say that you don't follow MSM. well, Ok. but then - how come you talk ONLY about main candidates as Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin ? why I can't see any posts about Nader or Ron Paul, or other third-party candidates ?

    I blogged about Nader:

    I don't blog about him anymore because let's face it, he is only likely to take votes away from Obama.

    I do think third party candidates ought to have been allowed in the debate -- which was lousy debate because Obama and McCain basically agreed about everything (especially on the foreign policy front).


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