Friday, September 5, 2008

John McCain acceptance speech

I attempted to live-blog McCain's speech tonight. You can read all my jots here. They said the speech was an hour long. Here are my main thoughts (extrapolated from all my jotting). I commented frequently about how bored I was throughout the first half of the speech. Here is the short version, jots mainly from the last half of the speech:
  • "We lost trust when Republicans gave into temptation. Both parties made government bigger. Both parties pass oil corporate welfare. We valued power over our principles. " Will renew Republican Party: "Back to basics." Party of Lincoln. We believe: in low taxes, risk takers, defense, faith, service, Culture of Life, rule of law,
  • Public education: boot the lousy teachers. School choice. "Obama says schools should answer to bureaucrats. But I want schools to answer to parents and students." -- I like this line (for the fact he included students). "and when I'm president they will."
  • Energy . . . Wells -- we'll drill them now.
  • Foreign policy section: Al Quaeda still a threat. Iran terror sponsor.
  • Russia ambitions of "reassembling the Russian Empire. People of Georgia need our solidarity and our prayers." Will work to establish good relations with Russia. Won't tolerate "international lawlessness." We face many threats, but I'm not afraid of them, I'm prepared for them. I know how military works. What it can do. I know how world works. Good and evil in it. How to work with leaders. How to stand up to those who don't (work with us). I know how to secure the peace.
  • Vietnam section. I hate war. I am running for Pres. to keep other families from sending kids to war. Will work toward stable and enduring peace.
  • This was a good section of the speech. He's in his element talking war and peace.
  • We must change way government does almost everything. -- Fine. How?
  • "I have scars to prove (my record), Sen. Obama does not." (Tacky).
  • War stories coming.
  • "History has anointed me to save my country in its hour of need." Oh really? I don't like this historical destiny stuff.
  • Make country better if you don't like it. Fight with me! Fight for what's right with our country! Fight for our children's future! Stand up for each other! Stand up and fight! Nothing is inevitable here! We are Americans, we never hide from history! We make history!
Great finish to the speech. Truly a flourish at the conclusion. But wrong crowd. These people he is addressing are not so noble or high minded as McCain. Kind of tragic when you think about it. The last good Caesar.

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