Friday, September 5, 2008

Thailand referendum

Bangkok Post reports:
The government on Thursday approved an up-or-down national vote of confidence with a referendum that will ask every voting citizen the question: Do you want the government to continue in office?
The Foreign Minister of Thailand -- an aristocrat with close ties to the palace -- resigned Wednesday. The media considered the resignation a blow to the government. Today, word has it that many Bangkok residents are upset that the Prime Minister did not give into the demands of the PAD mob of protesters -- led by media mogul Sonthi -- and resign.

The last referendum in Thailand was held one year ago August, when the military-installed interim government of Thailand asked Thais to vote on a new constitution. Bangkok Pundit blogs, "the difference between the freedom in discussing views between this and the 2007 Constitution will be so stark to be ridiculous - we had martial law in 2007 and active suppression of the "NO" vote campaign."

Map: the map is from Red-colored regions voted against the 2007 constitution, and these mainly rural north and north-eastern Thais are among the strongest supporters of the present government of Thailand. They are almost certain to vote in favor of the new referendum.

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