Monday, September 1, 2008

Babygate: Palin pregnancy

A reader at Andrew Sullivan writes that if the recent allegations about baby Trig are true, then
Palin sent a message that her daughter was shameful, and that lying is better than the truth.

Even if one could excuse this behavior as a misguided effort to protect her family, what happened next is beyond the pale. Knowing full well the truth, Palin allowed the false version of this story to be used as part of a PR campaign to dupe voters into viewing her in a completely false light.

What this says about her is that she believes that when you get into a situation where there might be public embarrassment, the best thing to do is lie (apparently, the same thing she did with Troopergate).
Not only Troopergate would fit such a pattern. Also, herthat she opposed federal taxpayer funding of Alaska's "bridge to nowhere." (i.e. here and here)

Update: In a new post, Andrew Sullivan blogs "Here's a photo that looks like it confirms Palin's pregnancy. . ." Supposing the allegations are false, were are right back to square one.


  1. Insurance.
    If the rumor were true, the biggest reason for Sarah and Todd Palin to pull this ruse would be to insure that the child would be covered under Palin's insurance plan. Children with Down's Syndrome often have major medical problems. Governors usually have comprehensive medical plans that cover the whole family. If Bristol Palin were the real mother, as an unwed and unemployed teenager her baby would be entitled to the xamemedical care any of the many indigent or impoverished people in this great country receive. The kind that sucks.

  2. Insurance would make the Palins cover up an unwanted pregnancy of the teenaged daughter. Governor Palin has a comprehensive plan that would cover the anticipated medical costs of a baby with Down's Syndrome - these children usually have major medical problems - but Governor Palin's unwed and unemployed teenaged daughter's baby would be uninsured - like millions of other Americans.


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