Monday, September 1, 2008

Russia: Medvedev's five principles

The New York Times reports: "Speaking to Russian television in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, a day before a summit meeting in Brussels where European leaders were to reassess their relations with Russia, Mr. Medvedev said his government would adhere to five principles.

According to Medvedev, Russia would:

  1. observe international law.
  2. reject what he called United States dominance of world affairs in a “unipolar” world.
  3. seek friendly relations with other nations.
  4. defend Russian citizens and business interests abroad.
  5. claim a sphere of influence in the world.
This strikes me as a very important policy statement. It is the ultimate culmination of the Bush era. It shows that in a world in which America now looks mainly after its own interests, rejecting its natural place as leader of an inclusive international community, a country like Russia will lay down its own rules, and define its own sphere of influence.

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