Monday, October 1, 2007

Bush's latest plan for war with Iran

Seymour Hersh, one of America's best journalists, reports in The New Yorker that the Cheney-Bush White House has stepped into high gear on Iran war-planning. It seems over the summer, the plan changed. It's no longer to put a halt to Iran's nuclear ambitions -- that's not proven "a marketable" war concept. Instead, the US Administration plans an attack against the Iranian Guards on the pretext that they are a terrorist organization sponsoring attacks on US troops in Iraq. The White House figures that holding a war the name of "stopping terrorism" will prove an easier sell with the American People.

Meanwhile America's feckless Congress has yet to legislate any checks whatsoever on the war powers of the desperate, incompetent, and arrogant occupants of the White House.*

*The US Constitution gives Congress, not the Presidency, the power to make war. Now would seem to be the time for Congress to reassert its constitutional prerogative.

Update: In connection with this story, Hillary Clinton, the leading contender for the US presidency, may have just blown her chance to get re-elected. Money quote from Andrew Sullivan:
Clinton also faces a problem. She just voted to designate the Revolutionary Guards a terrorist entity. Giving this president one authorization to go to war might be seen as a problem with the Democratic base. Giving him two should surely be a deal-breaker.
What was Hillary thinking?

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