Monday, October 1, 2007

Burma situation: the heat is on China

A march in Bangkok on Sunday in support of the people of Burma began at the Myanmar Embassy and ended at the Chinese Embassy. That's an apt metaphor for how attention has shifted regarding the Burma crisis. Last week the focus of our anger was Burma's junta, but increasingly, fingers point in the direction of Beijing. Whatever happens from this point forward in Burma, China is on the hot seat.

According to recent reports, China has instructed the Burmese military junta to immediately halt to the violent crackdown on demonstrating monks and Burmese people. That is not going to be enough now. Because the time to issue those instructions was last week.

Taiwan Seizes the moment
The resolution passed on Sunday by Taiwan's ruling party asserts the island's separate identity and calls for a referendum on its sovereignty. Taiwan's move is timely, if coincidental. Who in the international community does not feel more sympathetic toward Taiwan after the violent crackdown in Burma?

Last week, China experienced a blow to its credibility in many ways comparable to that inflicted on the United States when the Bush administration launched the invasion of Iraq under false pretexts.

The true scoundrels of the international community have been exposed for all the world to see. And some of those scoundrels are running Thailand -- the subject of a future post.

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