Saturday, November 25, 2006

Indonesia to buy Russian Nuclear Reactor

In two previous posts (here and here) I expressed my consternation with Australia's support for Indonesia's desire to acquire nuclear reactors. A Russian reader of Jotman writes:
Russians are going to offer assistance in Indonesia's first nuclear power station. They are also going to offer a newly designed Floating Nuclear Power Station – the first experimental specimen is now in production (commissioning scheduled in 2010) on "Sevmashpredpriatie" plant in Severodvinsk. The very idea of FNPS has been heavily criticized by environmentalists, particularly because it appears to be an easy target for a terrorist attack.
The Jotman reader tells me this information is based on a report in The Vedomosti (Russian). He also noted in his email that Bambang Judhoyono is planning a trip to Indonesia to discuss this matter, and the of purchase helecopters, jetfighters, and two 2 diesel-electric submarines (type Project 636, or type "Kilo" by NATO specs) -- the world's quietest submarine, ideal for antiship and antisub reconaissance (according to Naval Technology).

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