Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good On Ya Australia!

New Straights Times published an article yesterday entitled: "A nuclear Indonesia could be a reality with Australia's help" by Roger Maynard. It seems Australia, which has the world's largest uranium reserves, wants to to help Indonesia build some nuclear reactors.

As we all know, Indonesia is one the most geologically stable place on earth. So there is no chance of an earthquake. And there are no volcanoes that could erupt. And no tsunamis either. But in the extremely unlikely event of an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or tsunami hitting a nuclear reactor, Australia has little to worry about: between March and November (9 months of the year) the radioactivity from Aussie-built Indonesian reactors is more likely to fall on Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore; it is only between December and February (3 months of the year) that a radioactive cloud would be likely to drift over Australia. So Australia has a good 75% chance of avoiding radiation from a meltdown.

Good on ya Australia!

Indonesians have the highest regard for safety issues. No chance corruption will lead to poor reactor design or operations.

Have a burl, mates.

Indonesia is not like Iran or even Pakistan. All Indonesian Muslims are moderate, and there is no history of Islamicist attacks on targets within Indonesia. And in the unlikely event that a radical Islamic regime comes to power in Indonesia one day, there is absolutely no possibility that the fuel will be used for anything other than peaceful purposes.


You can trust neighboring Indonesia will carefully dispose of its nuclear waste, after all, Indonesia an outstanding track record with regards to environmental protection. As demonstrated by its perfect track record of enforcing all existing environmental laws. Indonesia's future nuclear waste will be treated with at least the same care given to toxic mine tailings. There is no chance the waste will end up being illegally dumped somewhere at sea (perhaps off the north coast of Australia?).

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