Sunday, November 26, 2006

Newsweek Poll: Majority Favors Impeachment

I wrote that impeachment would be good for America, good for America's standing in world affairs, and especially, good for cleaning out the Republican Party. Now I see it not only as a good thing, but as something that becomes increasingly likely to happen. I just came across -- hat-tip After Downing Street -- a carefully disguised Newsweek Poll of October 23, 2006 that showed a majority of Americans favored impeaching President Bush:
Other parts of a potential Democratic agenda receive less support, especially calls to impeach Bush: 47 percent of Democrats say that should be a “top priority,” but only 28 percent of all Americans say it should be, 23 percent say it should be a lower priority and nearly half, 44 percent, say it should not be done. (Five percent of Republicans say it should be a top priority and 15 percent of Republicans say it should be a lower priority; 78 percent oppose impeachment.) (my italics)
Today, Iraq appears in a state of total meltdown. The terror and suffering Bush's mangled and unplanned war has unleased is difficult to fathom. Things are not likely to improve for the US administration as the international situation is almost certain to deteriorate even further, especially with respect to Iraq and Afghanistan. And I would surmise that things are not likely to improve with regards to Iran and North Korea either. (A losing horse is a losing horse). The public will increasingly turn against this administration as the unraveling state of the Middle East situation displaces terrorism as the primary fear of the American electorate.

This is the frightening backdrop against which the investigations into a host of US administration misdeeds will commence under the new US Congress. Congress will be asking: What did the president know, and when did he know it? TPM came across this statement by CIA expert Ron Suskind published in Germany last month that seems relevant to this line of questioning.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: So the average interrogator at a Black Site understands more about the mistakes made than the president?

Suskind: The president understands more about the mistakes than he lets on. He knows what the most-skilled interrogators know too. He gets briefed, and he was deeply involved in this process from the beginning. The president loves to talk to operators.

The president probably knows a lot, and he probably knew it from the beginning: The president loves to talk to operators.

To learn more about impeachment under the US Constitution, I found a website that explains the 25th Amendment which was passed in 1967.

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