Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sarah Palin "honored" by Time Magazine

It seems Sarah Palin has just been honored by Time Magazine.   I  attempted to translate the magazine's accolades into plain English. The result?  It seems to clarify that which distinguishes Sarah Palin her supporters from everyone else on the planet.


  1. GOD help America is they hold up Sarah Palin as anything other than a very dangerous fool. Jesus help us !!
    From David Higgs
    Ireland (Bankrupt after following the free market principles of Averous and greed by Galbraith).
    "never have so few done so much to destroy the finances of the world"..................I said that !

  2. Hi David, good to hear from you!

    "Sarah Palin...anything other than a very dangerous fool..."

    A dangerous fool to be sure, but then there's this kind of thing:

    "Outside the courtroom she wouldn't say whether the charges against Kernell were excessive or whether a conviction should bring prison time."
    (On Friday's verdict wherein a college kid who happened to have guessed Palin's email password faces a possible 20 year prison sentence)


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