Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama: Oil rigs don't cause oil spills

Jotman slammed Obama on March 31, the day Obama announced that his administration planned to open some US coastal waters for offshore oil drilling:  "In 2008 Obama offered voters his reasons for opposing drilling. In 2010 all the president provides are platitudes. Obama owes it to the public to explain why his previous reasoning on the issue is no longer valid."

Two days later on April 2 Obama offered up his new line of reasoning:  "I don’t agree with the notion that we shouldn’t do anything. It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills. They are technologically very advanced. Even during Katrina, the spills didn’t come from the oil rigs, they came from the refineries onshore."


We might have expected an oil company executive, lobbyist, or Dick Cheney to feed the public false propaganda about the proven safety of offshore oil rigs.  But a president from the Democratic Party?

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