Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dymovsky urges Putin to stop rampant police corruption

 Russian Jotman contributor Sanjuro writes:
Maj. Dymovsky was a police officer in Novorossiysk, he recently retired from the police force and posted video clips on his website [which is no longer online]  addressed to PM Putin /Pres Medvedev exposing years of corruption in the city's police.

As of now, he was on his way to Moscow to give a press conference at the Independent Press Centre, but was reportedly detained while en route to the Rostov-on-Don airport.

I read comments and most readers support the ex-policeman. Some see this is the first crack in the law enforcement system, but most simply express their support for Maj. Dymovsky. It is widely held that the situation is similar in other Russian cities, it's just that they are still waiting for a whistleblower.
Concerning Sanjuro's last point, see this Jotman post.   Here's a report on Dymovsky's videos from Russia Today:

Update: More here.

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  1. In the Phlippines there was this drug-lord (aka, Lucky Ong) who was caught once and then someone in the Philippine government sets him free, even though the police believed they had strong evidence against him. The people here, most of us, have always lamented lack of intelligent personnel in the government, particularly in the law enforcement, who have the diligence, the skills, and the right initiatives to pursue these criminals as well as those powerful people in the government who may be proven to be criminal cuddlers. The good citizens here, despite the fact that our country (the Philippines) seems to be a prosperous one and a very promising one in the eyes of the international community, are keeping their mouths shut for fear that the authorities will question them and if it is found that their words don't hold true it's going to backfire at them. It's plain and simple if you say something it must true--must be as simple enough that the authorities will readily understand the facts. Unfortunately, that is not how simple life is, if you cannot be that simple here in the Philippines, nobody will understand you. Some people even believe that there are people in the government protecting terrorists who by the cycle of the incompetence in the government regulary make money by hostaging and robbing innocent and unsuspecting people (like the Abu Sayyaf). The Philippines' best friend--the Americans have always stood beside the Philippine government (like "through thick and thin") but they always seem the ever uninformed guys who are always surprised at those misfortunate incidents, despite the fact that they always seem to know everything when they're up against the Iraqis, the Iranians, the North Koreans, and the Russians.



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