Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thai PM Somchai's options

A WSJ editorial examines the crisis facing Thailand and asks what are the options?
Facing these circumstances, Mr. Somchai doesn't have any good options. Dialogue with the PAD may be all but impossible after the violence this week. He could call a state of emergency, which would give more power to the military and police to enforce law and order, although that could turn out to be embarrassing if they didn't follow orders. A third option is to form a unity government and share governing powers with the opposition Democrat Party, albeit at the risk of looking weak. He could also hunker down and wait for the PAD to wear out -- although this could take a long time, seeing as the PAD is constantly rotating in new "protesters" from the countryside.
It seems to me that moving as much government business as possible out of Bangkok and up to Chang Mai is an option well worth considering. Having so much power concentrated in Bangkok has not proved particularly healthy for Thai democracy.

Hat-tip: BP/Observer

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  1. I think it is useless to indulge PAD in whatever games. it will not help anything.

    so, since PAD have a huge protection from very influential elite (and more...) - then the NORMAL solution is out of question - that is using REAL PROPER and LEGAL police force to disperse them and re-instate order.

    therefore better if Somchai should resign and let PAD thugs (Pantha-mit - "pantha" means problem in Thai, so they are actually a trouble-makers) have their way, establish WHATEVER their form of ELITIST MOBOCRACY - and then let it take its own course. which I bet will lead to inevitable UPRISING of rural folks - the REAL Panthamit, the PEOPLE's movement ! sooner or later it will happen anyway. so, why drag on with it? time is extremely VITAL now with the Global economic meltdown, which is only getting momentum and will increase !

    Thailand must take measures to brace itself for the BIG IMPACT ! instead government is forced by these THUGS to drag on with nonsense accusations of "excessive violence" - and more - to smell the SHIT , yes, real shit - which MORONS PAD pours on the street ! TIT ! unbelievable these morons !

    they are TERRORISTS ! they screw up the whole country !


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