Thursday, October 9, 2008

The plan to burn Bangkok

Thailand's Matichon reports that protesters had planned to burn Bangkok, and thereby force the army to stage a coup. This plan was revealed during a meeting between Thai army chief Anupong met with Thai Privy Council leader Prem on Wednesday.
During the meeting the Permanent Secretary of Education reported that during the night of October 7, persons placed incendiary devices throughout the Ministry and it is believed it was to cause a fire and create a situation. Security agencies confirmed that the PAD wanted to burn the city (เผาเมือง) in order to force the military out to stage a coup and discredit the government. Therefore, it is necessary for all 3 branches of the military to look after government offices as a third party could create a situation.

A source at the meeting states that Anupong said "I don't care who is the government, it is not related to us. This government will go, another one will replace it, but the military will remain neutral and protect the country... because if any incendiary device explosives again then it needs to be understood it is the creation of a situation for the military to act. This can be seen by the figures of those injured. Even if they are only a little injured they will report it to increase the number of those injured to discredit officials".*
This statement relates to the large number injured during the police confrontation with protesters outside the Thai parliament Tuesday. The article continues:
Pornthip is sending in a team to investigate what caused the injuries to establish what happened to answer society's questions.
Will there be a military coup? Bangkok Pundit writes that the army probably sees itself as standing in a sufficiently strong position -- it would stand little to gain by staging a coup:
Gen. Anupong has more power now than is imaginable. The military can get any money they want as the government is too petrified, not to give the money lest they stage a coup. The military has total control over government policy in the South. What more does he want? At the moment, he has power, but responsibility rests with he government. That would change if there was a coup so hence there is no logical reason why Gen. Anupong would stage a coup and a coup without leading it would be very difficult to stage.
The trick, according to Bangkok Pundit, will be for Anupong to continue evading responsibility, particularly this will be difficult if he is called upon to play a mediating roll between the anti-democratic PAD protest group and the government.

* Hat-tip: Bangkok Pundit

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  1. this is just another confirmation that PAD-thugs are TERRORISTS !

    and such Anupong's stance is very irresponsible.

    but it is not surprising: coz it is "papa Prem" who pulls the strings !

    so, all this reveals once more that it is Army and elite who are actually behind the PAD.

    shame on them ! they plunge country into abyss !


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