Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McCain calls criticism of US military strategy dishonorable

Myanmar is a country where leaders tell you it is dishonorable to criticize the decisions of the generals. McCain's vision of America could well be another.

According to FactCheck, that's the logic behind John McCain's recent attack on Obama. McCain's appalling campaign advertisement amounts to an assertion that criticizing a military strategy that kills more civilians than Taliban or Al Qaeda is somehow "dishonorable."

When you have US air strikes killing upwards of 100 children (see this post), any presidential candidate who refused to talk about the appropriateness of the air strikes would have to be quite stupid.

Here is the advertisement:

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  1. McBush ("bomb bom Iran") is a stupid senile moron - who is obvious lobbyist of military-indusrtial complex and CFR pet !


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