Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hundreds injured in Bangkok protests, police fire tear gas at PAD

Prachatai reports that 358 people were injured during protests -- and a car bombing that killed one person -- in Bangkok Tuesday. The figure includes 45 hospitalize, and 15-20 seriously injured. (Hat-tip: Bangkok Pundit)

Here is a video depicting events in Bangkok on 7 October from Al Jazeera:

Blogger Fonzi has collected a number of other new videos showing the tear-gas confrontation between police and protesters in Bangkok Tuesday. You can see that the protesters have armed themselves with spears.

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  1. "these ppl are here coz they love their countryand HMK..."

    what a SHAMELESS BS !

    they are TERRORISTS who in any other civilized country would have been jailed long time ago!
    they RUIN the country by their actions !

    and even more disgusting that they use HMK's name as a justification for their actions !

    they are NOT peaceful - they are THUGS, organized and armed mob!

    guy who lost his leg - is stupid f***er who played with his home-made ping-pong bomb !
    that will teach him well how to play with explosives !

    and yet Thai media raised an outraged howl : "oh, blood-thirsty government"... they have no any decency to TWIST the true facts like that !

    "we will win" - - just look at these guys, typical chinese-thai who represent 99% of Thai elite and hi-so ! sure, you'll win, f***er ! and then what? then REAL Panthamit will rise - the true PEOPLE power, from rural areas and provinces. and then we'll see what you'll say !

    SHAME on PAD and all the hi-so elite which supports it !


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