Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wasilla mayor turn Alaska governor Sarah Palin

Jotman's Palin Timeline has been updated and color-coded to include all known questionable activities and possible cover-ups. Only documented events are included on the timeline.

The fact I have named and color-coded a particular controversy does not imply that I think the scandal is true (or untrue); it simply means that an attempt has been made to assemble the potentially relevant facts about it chronologically.

Click here
to view the updated timeline.

Key to reading the timeline

life-transition/family/career (BLACK)
federal earmarks, Sen. Stevens-related, etc. (GREEN)
bridge to nowhere (BLUE)
babygate (PINK)
authoritarian leadership style (PURPLE)
Chrisitianist or right-wing extremist ideology (RED)
sale of jet (BLUE)
troopergate (BROWN)
exaggeration of foreign policy credentials (GREY)
Alaska Independence Party activities (YELLOW)

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