Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin has a beluga whale problem

It's not just polar bears. It seems Sarah Palin also has a problem with beluga whales.

Defenders reported in April:
"The experts agree – the science to list the Cook Inlet Beluga is clear,” said Bob Shavelson of Cook Inletkeeper. “But the oil industry and their friends in the Bush & Palin Administrations prefer to blur the science to meet their political needs. The system of checks and balances is badly broken.”
Palin has made oil projects her priority and worked to delayed the listing of beluga whales as an endangered species. But environmental groups have fought back, filing a lawsuit against the Bush Administration.

Photo: shows an enthusiastic new Alaskan volunteer for the Obama campaign


  1. That's very callous of her.
    The Beluga issue cannot be thrown out the window just so Palin can meet her political ends...what a heartless woman. She has none of my respect, and not just because of this issue.

  2. Oh My god How on earth can someone do anything like that! That is really seriously screwed up. guess it just goes to show how messed up our politicians are today

    P.S. I would rather see bush mauled by a polar bear and slugged by a beluga!!:)!!

  3. Palin is so screwed up

  4. sarah palin is so shallow. she dosn't seem to understand that the world has so many beautiful, diverse animals anwe are losing half of them!! also, WHY DOES SHE SHOOT ANIMALS FROM HELICOPTERS?!


  5. wow she dumb what do she like

  6. Bush can go fuck himself for that!


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