Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thailand: State of Emergency

Following a night of violent clashes between mobs of protesters and police, the Prime Minister of Thailand has declared a State of Emergency.


  1. well, correction: according to Nation state of Emergency is only in Bangkok.

    although with PAD-planned General strike on Wed will affect the whole country.

    and I bet PAD were ready for this Samak's move and already had some plan prepared. I think they will defy it, refuse to disperse and resist whatever police attempts. they have been waiting for it already 4 months and will consider it as a desired result. they will certainly not give up. even though Court has issued arrest warrants against 9 PAD leaders.

    Samak gets mandate to end PAD nuisance by whatever means.
    but that is exactly what PAD has been waiting for !

    so, let's see now how at least 1 demand will be followed by PAD :
    >>>announcement would prohibit gathering of more than five people.<<<

    because certainly PAD mob is much more than 5 people, and they are not going to simply go home !

  2. Thai PM declares state of emergency in capital

    >>>An announcement broadcast on all Thai television stations at 7 a.m. said Samak had decreed a state of emergency in Bangkok and Army Gen. Anupong Paochinda was in charge of enforcing it.

    In Thailand, a state of emergency allows the use of military forces in policing activities, and suspends some civil liberties.<<<

    and here is confirmation of my guess:

    PAD vows to stay despite the state of emergency in Bangkok

    >>>People's Alliance for Democracy key leader Chamlong Srimuang took the stage at the Government House rally shortly after Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej imposed a state of emergency in Bangkok.

    He told the protesters to remain at the PAD rally site at the Government House.

    "The most he (Samak) could do is to arrest the key leaders. You all can stay here as there won't be enough prisons for us," he said.

    Chamlong said that all parties had already warned the prime minister that if he imposed such law, they will not allow government to run the country.

    The PAD leaders called the supporters in the South to close the aiprots in Hat Yai and Phuket.<<<

    exactly as I guessed! PAD was WAITING for this move ! and yet they call government "defiant", huh? who is being defiant?

    while Bangkok Post reports that anti-PAD (pro-government) UDD/DAAD has immediately announced that they'll obey the order and go home.

    so, as I thought - it is only the beginning.

    Samak is giving interview - seems relaxed, laughing and joking.

  3. The anti-government protests have been completely peaceful, but now the Thai government has paid people from the poor country side to stir up trouble with the anti-government protestors. This is what the government wanted in order to have an excuse to bring in the military to shut down the anti-government protestors. Now the government wants to shut down TV coverage so that they can hide the excessive force they are using on the demonstrators. The PM should step down and let the King decide what to do until the next election.

  4. i think we can not avoid bad things this time. if you call state of emergency this is the last solution to keep the current goverment alive.
    the problem is that the military is splitted into half. there is no clear direction to which the next government could lead. in a worsening economic envirement and a risining economic competion with china there is no room for such games. stability is the only way. repeating the shinawatra social regulations?? it îs this time not that easy just to say no alcohol no drugs. the society in thailand has changed. the lifecosts have risen and the social demands. western lifestyle has become comon.
    everybody likes their houses and their pickups. but mostly they are not payed down.
    we have the same problem in europe with the new joung generation. they want have it all and now and dont care about debts.
    you now are in the same trouble.
    but how can you stop that?
    i have no solution.

    1. european tourists no longer can afford to come to thailand. youngsters prefer to stay in partytowns in europe. its cheaper. so thailand is just attractiv for oldtimers 65++
    but thailand is needing this capitalinflow from exported wifes which maintain financially homeland families.
    debtratio of thai pple is still worsening. that is a big problem because nobody wants to reduce their lifestyle. sanukk must be affordable. watch to germany. they still suffer from reduced lifequality. harz 4 law. you wont find many german workers on holiday anymore. thailadies are getting older and european men are looking for easterneuropean younger ladys as they speak the same language and have no casino attitudes to spend all the income there. chinese tourists rarely marry thai ladys. so you need economic growth from other sources like tourist or componentindustry and there china is cheaper in labourcosts than thailand. so were is the solution? implementing drugwasted western easy lifestyle or chinese strict poor working salary lifestyle?
    these are the real problems they cannot be solved with a change of government.
    better would be sit together and stop fighting about who is right or wrong. corruption is ok as long as both sides of the center get their bribes and not only one side. both parties need to go to the king and sit together. unification is now demanded not waterbuffalo mentality. be adult and talk and listen to eachother.
    read konfuzius and you will be enlightet and find a way out of this one way direction.


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