Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin's daughter

A female Jotman reader writes:
The news that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant only adds to my questions about whether Sarah is an appropriate choice for vice-president. She is a woman with a lot on her plate. For most mere mortals the thought of dealing with a new baby and supporting a very young pregnant daughter would be enough. Add on a nation-wide campaign where she will be asked to show that she is prepared to take on the Number Two position in the country and you have a situation which no one of her age, education and experience should be expected to handle. Even if McCain had the bad judgment to choose her, Sarah Palin should have had the good judgment to say "not now."


  1. Obama: no decision-maker; no courage; less experience:

    Sarah Palin has government executive experience. She has lots of experience actually making decisions - as Mayor, Commissioner, and then Governor. She's been in elective office since 1992.

    Barack Obama has been in elective office just since 1997 - and always as a legislator. he's never had to make executive decisions in a government administration like Gov. Palin.

    So Sarah Palin has five (5) more years of experience in elective office than Barack Obama.

    And Obama often could not muster the courage to make even a legislative decision - he frequently voted "present."

    See here


  2. I was a single parent for my two children. During the time when my children were home, I found neither the time nor the money to educate myself through college so I could pursue higher paying jobs. I had ambition, lots of it, but I could not turn off my parental instincts in order to pursue my personal glory. It was important to me to be at home to help develop my children’s emotional, spiritual, educational, and moral foundation so they will be reasonably content adults.
    I’ll admit my jealousy towards women like Sarah Palin, women who have a partner and have been fortunate enough to have been able to go to college and be educated and advance themselves and their careers. And these same women are able to carefully choose a nanny or teachers that come with money to care for their children. My dislike of women like her is only due to my belief that she is shirking her duties toward her family by taking on too much responsibilities like working in a public office. I think her daughter is a result of Sarah’s energies being directed in other areas.
    When my daughter was sixteen and she plopped down next to me and proudly exclaimed she was thinking about having sex, it was my job to explain as much as humanly possible to her. I took advantage of all the books in the libraries and my personal experiences, time with her and as much common sense as I could come up with. She’s a single 23 year old now and has had several boyfriends but has never become pregnant.
    It has been proven through the years that children who spend a lot of time with their parents are less likely to be distracted by teenage vices and harmful experimentations. Is it only the low income Americans who know this? It bothers me to see neglect in any child’s life especially when their parent holds a high government office. I’m not feeling proud of her for this, sure it can happen to anyone, but more commonly it will happen to those who neglect certain areas of their parenthood.

  3. Breaking news. There are baby-sitters!

  4. sarah pailin-after her water broke when having her last child she waited several hours after before she had her child. In fact she was in a speech in texas at the time, and finished her speech then flew back to alaska to have her baby. If you ask me I think she should have been more concerned about her baby than her speech.

  5. So where's the criticism of Michelle Obama, whose left her children with other people for the past year or so while she's campaigned with her husband.

    Why is there criticism of Sarah Palin, but Michelle Obama isn't held to the same standard of criticism.

  6. Fred,

    Under the US Constitution, Michelle Obama is not in line to become the president.

    However, Sarah Palin would be second in line. And McCain would be the oldest man ever to hold the office.

    Does that answer your question?


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