Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Revolution by pad thai?

A Thai court could force the resignation of PM Samak by Tuesday. If this happens, then a few tasty servings of pad tha or tom yam goong -- cooked up by the prime minister -- would be to blame.

The Constitution says you can't be employed by a private company while you serve as prime minister. Prime Minister Samak hosted a few episodes of his old TV show -- a show about cooking -- after he had been elected. AP reported:

Before taking office seven months ago, Samak had hosted a popular TV cooking show called "Tasting and Complaining," a mix of traditional Thai cooking and rants on the subjects of Samak's choice.

Samak made a few appearances on the show after becoming prime minister, prompting a group of senators to petition the court on grounds that an acting prime minister is not allowed under the constitution to work with private companies.

Samak claims he did not get paid to host the shows.

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