Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Angel Ye

Over 10,000 students died in their classrooms during the recent earthquake in China, mainly due to the fact their schools were poorly constructed. Today the Chinese government censored an exhibition photograph that showed a dead child's hand extending out of rubble, clutching a twisted piece of steel reinforcement, no thicker than a pencil. Back in late May, local Chinese officials were sending police to beat up grieving parents who protested. The parents wanted shoddy school construction standards investigated and negligent officials punished. Recently, the Chinese government promised to investigate.

"They could do worse than consult with Ye" writes Edward Wong in the NY Times. Wong's report concerns one school principle who had tirelessly lobbied government officials for the funds to repair faulty construction standards at his school. When the earthquake stuck, not a single student attending "Angel" Ye's school died.

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