Friday, April 18, 2008

Bangkok Olympic torch relay

I plan to live-blog the event in Bangkok Saturday -- so be sure to check back for the story and photos in about 24 hours.

In the meantime, the following blogs are a good source of information about the event:

Bangkok Pundit: Investigates the rumor that foreigners who protest the torch relay will face deportation (it's exaggerated). He also has info about a panel discussion on the Olympics to be held in Bangkok.

No torch in Tibet: This Thailand blogger has a good but unofficial map of the relay route and details about how to join the torch relay demonstration.

Adam's Gekko: Has written a most amusing account of the arrival of the torch last night in Bangkok. Adam has been closely following the torch relay protests.

Information about the Bangkok torch relay:
When: 3:00 PM Saturday April 19.
Where: The relay starts at Chinese Gate in China Town and runs parallel to the river -- along Yaowarat and Charoenkrung Roads, up Charoenkrung road (which runs alongside the grounds of the Grand Palace and Sanamluang field); then past Democracy Monument on Ratchadamneon Krang Road; up Ratchadamneon Nok Road, culminating in a circle of the Royal Palace to end at King Rama IV Equestrian Monument.

Photo: from Notorch. Big hat-tip goes to BP.


  1. I'm a bit worried because I'm traveling from Hua Hin to protest but I'm going by myself. Do you know of a good place I can meet up with people who will also be protesting?
    my number is....

  2. Anonymous, you might try to meet up with this group:




    WHEN: SATURDAY 19 APRIL 2008, 3.00 PM


    (1) Solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet and abroad who have been killed, detained and tortured while fighting for their rights
    (2) To demand that the Olympic Torch should not run through Tibet, as the Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region stated that demonstrators will be dealt with "severely".
    (3) To demand China to respect freedom of expression and assembly, as well as to respect the values of the Olympics which is "freedom, equality, and solidarity".
    (4) To demand an International Fact Finding Mission commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council.
    (5) To encourage dialogue between the Tibetan Government in Exile and Chinese Government
    (6) To raise concern of human rights violations in China against workers and by sweatshops relating to the Olympic.
    (7) To raise concerns on how the Chinese government is supporting authoritarian regimes abroad such as Sudan and Burma.

    Organised by:
    · Free Tibet Network
    · Young People for Democracy Thailand (YPD)
    · Students For a Free Tibet
    · Student Federation of Thailand (SFT)
    · Thai Labour Campaign (TLC)
    · Thammasat University Democratic Socialist Tendency Group
    · Chulalongkorn University Social Critics Group
    · Committee for Human Rights (CHR)
    · Working Group on Justice for Peace (WGJP)
    · Thai Coalition for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders
    · International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)
    · Workers Democracy Group

    For more information, please contact:
    (For English) Amy – 081 176 3110, Jessica – 080 591 1547
    (For Thai) Anuthee – 81 171 3370, Numnual – 081 583 3713

    info via


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