Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top 10 reasons to support Obama over Hillary

  1. Hillary voted to name Iran's Republican Guards "a terrorist organization" at a time when Cheney seemed itching to go to war with Iran. Excusable?
  2. Obama seems the more steadfast in opposition to the Iraq war, having publicly opposed it from day one.
  3. Hillary capitulated to Wall Street bank lobbyists and voted to tighten bankruptcy laws.
  4. The course of the campaign over the past few weeks reminds us that Bill Clinton could be a public liability rather than an asset to a Hillary presidency.
  5. Hillary is afraid to look soft on defense or security; maintains a hawkish posture; perhaps she is too insecure to be seen to do otherwise. (see #1)
  6. The New York Times has officially endorsed Hillary. (These days big media companies tend to support candidates that are good for big media companies. Case in point: the NY Times' coverage of John Edwards' campaign was abysmal).
  7. Obama is far and away the more inspiring speaker.
  8. Obama comes across as tactful, reflective, and considerate of others' points of view. These are qualities all Americans would do well to strive to uphold.
  9. The presidency is the birthright of every American, not every Clinton or Bush. Enough dynasties.
  10. Obama seems more likely to have an intuitive understanding of the concerns of non-Americans, minorities, and others outside the mainstream in the US.
Update: See my follow-up post, three new reasons to support Obama over Hillary.

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