Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fox News Award

This week the Fox News Award* goes to NBC (which is owned by General Electric). Daily Kos reports that NBC "provided perhaps the most shocking example of the corporate media blackout of John Edwards.** They gave him just four seconds out of nearly nine minutes of political coverage Friday." As you might recall, John Edwards came second in Friday's vote in Iowa.
*Jotman's Fox News Award goes to a media organization that has gone the extra mile during the course of the week to make the public more stupid (thereby undermining Jotman's ethic of creativity and global citizenship). Not only does Fox News instill narrow-mindedness in its US viewers, its overseas broadcasts undermine the ethic of global citizenship abroad by promoting anti-Americanism.
**Of the leading candidates for the US presidency, John Edwards is the only one who has been speaking out against the giant media conglomerates.

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