Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Do Thai police murder to 'save face'?

John Leo Del Pinto, a 25 year old Canadian man, was shot dead while his friend Carly Reisig received a bullet wound in the chest. The shootings occurred Sunday in Pai, a backpacker resort in northern Thailand.

"The version of events issued by police in Pai is at total variance with Miss Reisig's story" writes Andrew Drummond in The Nation (via Fonzi). Referring to a similar killing in Kanchanaburi of two tourists in their twenties (Vanessa Arscott and her boyfriend Adam Lloyd) Drummond concludes: "Like the Kanchanaburi case, the killing in the idyllic tourist village of Pai has the semblance of another police "loss of face" execution." More at Jotazine.

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