Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Update from the Thai-Burma border

I've been talking to various people the past three days: a disabled Burmese war veteran, people who teach at schools for Burmese, migrant workers, NGO staff, and I met three refugees yesterday -- young men and women who essentially grew up in the camps. There are some 18 UNHCR administered refugee camps on the Thai side of the border -- the smaller of which hold some 15,000 people, many of the Karen nation, and other minority groups.

Yesterday I passed a truck that had been stopped by the Thai police. Inside were dozens of Burmese workers. I am told the interception of trucks full of Burmese refugees is a daily occurrence. Some will b fined. Others will be placed in a detention center prior to repatriation.

I am also learning about the scale and scope of Thailand's ongoing co-operation with the Burmese junta. This is most disturbing, and I have much more to tell you about that.

While I was across the border, I heard a rumor about Burma's nuclear program.

I also learned some additional information about a bombing in Burma -- info which, so far as I know -- was not reported in the press.

Much more to come.

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