Monday, October 1, 2007

Psst! Bangkok got bombed last night.

One of the two English dailies buried the story. The other failed to report the story at all. Almost without exception, every international news service ignored the story.

One bomb went off in Bangkok last night and a second was found to have been planted across the street from Thai Military Headquarters (photo). Two Bangkok men suffered terrible injuries in the blast. Yet few English speakers besides blogger Fonzi and Jotman -- I live-blogged it here -- seem to have had anything to say about it.

What's more, I came across this item in a report from the Malaysian news agency, Bernama:

A bomb blast near the Royal Thai Army headquarters Sunday night might be linked with the series of bombings in Bangkok on New Year's Eve last year as the bomb materials of both incidents are likely to be the same, according to a senior police official.

The bombings at New Year's took nine innocent lives, injured many others, and may well have cost the Thai economy hundreds of millions of dollars. And what's more, the materials used in the New Years bombing have been linked by Australian intelligence to those used by the terrorists in the Southern Provinces. These facts make last night's bombing a matter of no small significance.

Bangkok, world-capital and major tourist destination, got bombed last night and there were casualties. And theworld doesn't know about it.

Photo: Thai Military Headquarters - Jotman file photo.

UPDATE: Bangkok Pundit has blogged a comprehensive update of the September 30 bombing. He's looked at various Thai media sources and discusses the implications of the recent bombing of Bangkok. Money quote:
If anything the bombings show how unsafe things are at the moment for Bangkok residents. It is not really a good look.

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