Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Taxi to see the "big gun"

Off to see what was happening. I jumped in a taxi. But how to explain to the taxi driver where I wanted to go? My guesthouse is near the famous Koh San Road, which is a stones' throw from the Imperial Palace and the goverment complex. (My Thai friend in NY on the cell phone had said to stay away from "big streets" because of the army presence, so I directed my taxi to the main avenue.) Pointing to my camera, I said to the driver I wanted to take photos. On the way out of the hotel the manager said something about tanks on the streets. Nothing seemed to be happening on the main avenue that goes past the palace. Traffic was light.

Suddenly my taxi drive spoke up. "want to see big gun?"


Suddenly we came to it. The big gun was a tank situated in the centre of an intersection (in the above photo, it's situated between the two red taxi cabs). But here is a much better view of the "big gun."

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