Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From Bangkok - a Night of Living Dangerously

In the following blogs entries I will report to you on what I have seen and heard on the streets of Bangkok tonight, in and around the government building section of the city.

A coup d'etat appears to have occurred within the past 4-5 hours. I have just returned from a two hour long tour of the goverment buildings area where the coup d'etat leaders appear to be based. I carried my camera. There were few foreign journalists in the area and I did not see any television networks on the scene. I spoke with the a few tourists, a number of curious Thai onlookers, and some Thais who had turned out to support what appears to be the military overthrow of the "caretaker" goverment of Thai Prime Minister Taksin.

I will share with you my photos, observations, and provide some background to events -- I have been based in the city for about a year.

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