Friday, June 4, 2010

"Compelling evidence" for Burma uranium enrichment

Robert E. Kelley, two-time former director of the IAEA, has more or less validated the existence of a secret uranium enrichment program in Myanmar.   Maj. Sai Thein Win, a Burmese army defector, supplied the Democratic Voice of Burma with a pile of documents relating to Burma's alleged nuclear activities which Kelley analyzed, issuing a 30 page report.

On account of its friends in North Korea, Russian training, and German manufacturers assisted by Singapore,  it appears as if Burma has been advancing toward a prototype nuclear device. Drawing on Kelley's analysis, DVB concludes:
The total picture is very compelling. Burma is trying to build pieces of a nuclear program, specifically a nuclear reactor to make plutonium and a uranium enrichment program. Burma has a close partnership with North Korea. North Korea has recently been accused of trying to build a nuclear reactor inside Syria to make plutonium for a nuclear program in Syria or North Korea. The timeframe of North Korean assistance to Syria is roughly the same as Burma so the connection may not be coincidental.

If Burma is trying to develop nuclear weapons the international community needs to react...
With today's cancellation of Sen. Jim Webb's planned trip to Burma, the international reaction has already begun.

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