Sunday, May 2, 2010

Demonstrations in Washington DC on 1 May 2010

Looking for the site of the protest against Arizona's new immigration bill (see here), my afternoon inadvertently began with a visit to another demonstration.   There was a large media presence at the Lincoln Memorial -- half a dozen satellite equipped television trucks.   I asked a cameraman what was going on.

"Good question.  You know I've been here for three hours and I still can't figure out what this event is all about."

Over a loudspeaker, a man spoke about his desire for the New York Times to hire an Evangelical Christian.  Flags waved on the steps bellow the monument and a crowd of perhaps five hundred gathered in front of the reflecting pool. 

I asked around.  I was told that it was a "Prayer" demonstration.  It seems that some Christians want the government to declare a "national prayer day."

Off to the side under some trees I saw a table with an Arabic language sign.   How ecumenical, I thought: Christians and Muslims getting together in the name of prayer.

I was offered a brochure.  It was titled  "Homegrown Islamic Terrorism:  Enemy Camps Surround the U.S."  I saw that the pamphlet was put out by a group calling themselves the Christian Action Network.  The lady at the table invited me to attend a free screening of "Islam Rising" in a caucus room of the US House of Representatives.

What could this possibly have to do with prayer?

Update:  Compare the Christian group's flier advertising the US House of Representatives' caucus room screening of  "Islam Rising" to this ant-Japanese war poster from 1942.  

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