Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tourists "ducking for cover" on Bangkok's Khao San Road

Journalist Andrew Marshall's twitter feed provides disturbing insights into Saturday's street battle near a tourist enclave of Bangkok.   Concerning events within the backpacker area of Khao San Road, Marshall tweeted:  
Barricades going up at Khao San. Reds preparing for soldiers' return. Several pools of blood on road.... Don't listen to bland Thai govt reassuarances. Khao San is a dangerous place. I've seen 2 tourists with injuries...  Khao San lis shuttered up, red shirts everywhere....    It looks like a warzone...  Pitched battles in streets around Khao San. Tourists ducking for cover. A red shirt with an AK47.....   Scenes of chaos at Khao San. Tourists tell me they saw horrific inuries, an old man with an eye hanging out. 
It's well worth checking out Marshall's whole feed.  One item in particular sticks out:
French photographer tells me she saw troops open fire on medics trying to evacuate wounded.
This kind of allegation obviously calls for further investigation.

In addition, the Thai army leaders need to be held to account as to why soldiers were permitted to fight an armed battle in close proximity to thousands of tourists.   The fact that tourists did not receive any official warnings that this was coming is inexcusable.   

More here on the situation today in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok.   More on the conflict throughout Bangkok here.   Remarkable video by a blogger in the thick of the action here.


  1. John-boy EnglandApril 12, 2010

    OH MY GOD!!!

    I spend about 6-8 months a year in Bangkok, where I teach English. MY girlfriend called yesterday to say it was bad, but this is v.BAD. Have told her to stay with relations up country and I will hang on in the UK until it quietens down.

  2. and my boyfriend and i just booked our place in khao san road in a couple of days.. oh oh


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