Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rohingya crisis: First Burma, then Thailand, now Bangladesh?

The Rohingya crisis is clearly not getting the attention it warrants.  AFP reported on March 9, 2010 that 
Bangladesh is waging a campaign of arbitrary arrest, illegal expulsion, forced internment and starvation against Muslim refugees from neighbouring Myanmar, according to a report released Tuesday.
Tens of thousands of unregistered Rohingya refugees, many of whom have lived in Bangladesh for decades, have been forced into makeshift camps where they are being left to starve to death, the report by Physicians for Human Rights says.
"It is unconscionable to leave this vulnerable population stateless and starving," said Richard Sollom, PHR director of research and investigations.
 Sollom, quoted in the article, goes on to explain that many of these people are even worse-off than the Haitians  after the quake.

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