Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin on bipartisanship

I happened to catch Sarah Palin's tea party speech.    During the Q and A session, Palin offered some worthwhile advice for Obama and the Democrats on the question of bipartisanship.

Responding to a question about what she would do as president, Palin said that if she thought the other party did not share her agenda, she would not maintain any pretense of pursuing bipartisanship.   Palin suggested that hearing leaders talk about bipartisanship when it is not feasible has made people cynical about politics.

She has a point. At helm of a party that has enjoyed majorities in both houses, Obama could only beat the dead horse of bipartisanship for so long.  Obama's own political base is frustrated.  Americans of all political stripes have to wonder whether the Democrats have any real convictions.

What next?   Will a demoralized American electorate turn to a sexy megalomaniac who promises to ignore the opposition, cut taxes, slash government spending, and "do whatever it takes to win" the wars that God has chosen her to fight?*  Palin's talents are sufficiently limited that I would deem the nightmare unlikely.  But in this age of television politics, being a telegenic media star -- the entire speech was carried live on three cable news networks -- is a huge asset.
*Her policy platform, as defined in the speech.  Palin explained that her philosophy of national security is to "do whatever it takes to win."  Palin also said that she would rely upon "divine intervention" to help her govern the country.


  1. I don't think she'll be ready for the top spot on a Presidential ticket in 2012; however, if she ran as VP with a strong candidate such as Romney or Huckabee, she'd be ready in 2020. Hopefully the GOP chooses a viable candidate in 2012.

  2. Nobody who would choose Sarah as running mate in 2012 would be fit to serve as president, as the VP pick must be fully qualified.


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