Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Redundant humans

The NY Times points to the multiple intelligence failures leading up to the Christmas bombing.   "Mr. Obama this month presented his government’s findings on how the plot went undetected. But a detailed review of the episode by The New York Times . . .shows that there were far more warning signs than the administration has acknowledged."  Of course, the same criticism was made of the system in the aftermath of 9/11.

What happened?  Instead of striving to improve a system than almost worked in 2001, the Bush Administration's approach was scatter-shot.  Let's fire some missiles. Let's water-board that guy 80 times and see what he says.  Let's invade  there and there.  Let's invent new gadgets.  Let's collect more data.  As for human intelligence? 
It established redundant layers of terrorism analysts to ensure that disparate clues to the next attack would not be ignored or overlooked.
I wonder where they intended to recruit all these talented professionals who aspire to "redundant" careers.   What was the plan to keep them motivated?

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