Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cleanliness challenged Americans

I have criticized Indonesians and Thai villagers for burning garbage. Yet, to some extent such behavior is understandable, as some impoverished Southeast Asians do not know any better.

The same cannot be said for Americans.  They know better.

CNN reports that the US army disposes of its waste at major bases in Iraq by burning it in open pits. In fact,  KBR has been sued in connection with the burning.  According to the CNN article, the US military now admits that the smoke may be harmful the health of American troops.  Well duh.

But what about the health of Iraqis living nearby and the effects of burning industrial waste on the environment?


  1. filthy americans?

    the reason why americans are there is because the country harbored known agents - terrorists - who blame america and americans for EVERYTHING. people who wish to murder americans whenever they have the chance.

    what is america to do? do nothing? tell me?

    what would any country do?

    yes, the army should not burn the harmful trash.

    my suggestion.. use some of the money from the iraqi oil wells to finance the "proper" elimination of the trash. hell, imo, finance the war CAUSED by this country who HARBORS all these terrorists.

    if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be there in the first place.

  2. Of course, why Americans are there is really beside the point of this post.

    Though I'm glad to hear that you agree that burning industrial waste in an open pits is filthy.

  3. anybody who has half a brain knows YOUR point was - you don't like americans. PERIOD.

    that's ok. I don't like muslims.

    filthy muslims.

  4. Anonymous,

    When I criticize the Thais for burning garbage in open pits, this does not mean I don't like Thais. And I have leveled such criticism.

    Likewise, this post is not about liking Americans or not liking them. Neither is it about whether the Iraq war was justified or not.

    People -- in this case we're talking about Americans -- who burn industrial waste in open pits are filthy. Period. Since they know better, I don't hesitate to call them what they are.

    Or do you not believe that Americans should be held to high standards? Do you believe Americans are so fragile and sensitive that they can't take criticism? Is it necessary to use politically correct language when talking about the Americans?

    Should I have labeled my post "Cleanliness Challenged Americans"?

  5. point well taken.

    then, you don't mind me saying that muslims are "filthy"?

    filthy muslims.

    using YOUR logic, it would be ok to do so.

    mind you, it was muslims who attacked the WTC. and they were filthy.

    muslims should be held to a higher standard. we should harass them for every evil deed they commit.

    after what they did in 9-11. man, I hope they bomb mecca the next time they do another 9-11.

    if it was me, I would have done so the first time around.

  6. "Cleanliness Challenged Americans"?

    Now thats funny!

    Apparently Duhmerican'ts have as tender sensibilities as you suspect. Sad. So sad.

  7. Anonymous,

    ... then, you don't mind me saying that muslims are "filthy"?
    filthy muslims.
    using YOUR logic, it would be ok to do so...

    Actually, that's not my logic. That's their logic. That's exactly what they -- the perpetrators of 9/11 and other terrorist acts -- want Westerners to say.

    Terrorism succeeds when it leads. When terrorists convince more people to frame events in terms they use; the terms you're using; terms that equate the perpetrators with all Muslims.

    The terrorists succeed when they convince Americans to embrace their view of the world: a struggle of "us" against "them," the West against the Muslims. After all, that's the only way they can win. Or at least inflict real damage on a far stronger civilization. For example, the kind of damage that perverts American values and turns taxpayers into slaves of the military-industrial complex. Or worse.

    What has by now cost more in American lives and treasure: 9/11 or the two wars? What has gained more publicity (and sympathy) for the terrorists' cause, 9/11 or the wars?

    Your intention to blame and condemn all Muslims for the crimes of a few serves as a further reminder that the terrorists' strategy has proven wildly successful. Ultimately, it's their logic, their world view, their way of framing conflict that is filthy.

  8. give me a break on the bullshit, ok?

    you started this whole thing by making this generalized statement quote, "filthy americans".

    I returned the favor by making the generalized statement quote, "filthy muslims" which I believe you to be one.

    THEN, you go into this rhetoric about judging some muslims by the actions of a few?

    truly unbelievable.

    do you know what a hypocrite is?

    look in the mirror, genius.

  9. Anonymous, started this whole thing by making this generalized statement quote...

    I understand. As Bosunj commented above, the sensitivities here are obviously very tender. Clearly, I ought to have referred to them as "cleanliness challenged." Accordingly, I have sought to rectify the matter.

    However, please understand that the phrase "cleanliness challenged" is not meant as any kind of "generalized statement" about Americans. It's just a headline. As such, it's not meant to stand alone, but refers to an exceptional circumstance defined by the post content.


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