Thursday, October 29, 2009

They even took Curious George

Here's an excerpt from a recent interview.  Can you guess where this bizarre "search and seizure" happened?
Accused: ... I’m an author. I’ve written fiction. I’ve written lots of nonfiction. I’m an anarchist, so I’ve written lots of political works. So they not only grabbed all of my works, and they grabbed anything that they felt like grabbing from our pretty large library.

Interviewer: And they apparently took photos, as well, posters—

Accused: Yeah.

Interviewer: —from the walls, one of Lenin and one of Curious George, apparently?

Accused: Yes, yes, and they took Curious George stuffed animals. They took magnets from the refrigerator. They took a needlepoint of Lenin that my wife’s grandmother had made, a whole variety of bizarre things that they’ve taken. 
Answer -- and background -- here.

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