Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sumatra earthquake recovery efforts

"It is interesting to note that in all three of the large earthquakes upon which I have worked ... the media has tended to initially focus their coverage upon urban areas, whilst the real story has actually been in the rural hinterland.... Thus, the disaster in these areas goes unreported for some time,... As I tell my students, in this case no news is definitely bad news...."
-David Petley, Durham University
"An experienced campaigner ... described what he saw today in the remote hills and valleys of the greater Padang area as like seeing the effects of an Atomic bomb being dropped on a huge region. He reported houses, mosques, clinics and schools flattened, and on hilly spurs, villages wiped out by landslides.
- Bob McKerrow, Red Cross and Red Crescent Society

I'm posted links to accounts of those caught up in the Padang quake, and those involved with the recover efforts -- as I get them -- here.

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