Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is it any wonder China's Uighurs are unhappy?

Kuerbanjiang Saimaiti, a twenty-something Uighur photographer, blogged:
. . . I found an internet cafe near the hotel and went up to the service counter.

“I need to use the internet. How much is the deposit, please?”
“Ten yuan,” the clerk said straight away without looking up. “I need to see your ID card.”
I got out my ID and said, “Here you are.”
“Sorry, your ethnic group can’t use the internet.”
“Why not?”
“State regulations.”

There was nothing I could do but laugh about it and leave. I went to another internet cafe and the reply was the same….
Translated by Black and White Cat  (h/t GV).   Xiao Qiang of CDT -- who also translated the post -- explains that the line "Sorry, you're ethnic group can't use the Internet," has been the talk of the Chinese blogosphere in recent days.

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