Monday, September 28, 2009

Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009

Update:  See this post for the latest update See this post for an update on the progress of the talks. 

A meeting that starts today  in Bangkok will be crucial in terms of setting the groundwork for Copenhagen -- a long-term follow-up agreement to the Kyoto Protocol.

The Bangkok Post reports:
The two-week Bangkok climate change talks, which start today, are an opportunity for countries to plan for tomorrow, Mr Abhisit told the United Nations General Assembly in New York at the weekend (JotASEAN posted the full text of Abhisit's remarks)

"Thailand will spare no efforts in ensuring that the Bangkok climate change talks will make tangible progress towards a successful Copenhagen conference," he said. . .

At a UN summit on climate change last week, industrialised countries agreed to set clear goals and targets to combat climate change.

The Bangkok meeting brings together almost 3,000 delegates from over 190 countries to prepare the negotiating text for the new agreement.

The new climate deal will replace the Kyoto Protocol's carbon emissions reduction agreement that expires in 2012.

The main goal of the Bangkok talks is to shorten the 280-page text, which is the product of a series of negotiations held over the past 18 months, into a 20- to 30-page draft agreement for the Copenhagen summit.
Looking at the schedule of climate change meetings, in early November the group will reconvene for three days in Barcelona. Then it's off to Copenhagen (Dec. 7th-18th).

You can learn more about climate change issues at Jot the Planet Green.

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