Friday, September 18, 2009

Aceh Indonesia under Sharia law

By ending the insurgency, Aceh took a big step forward.  But by passing a new law, the region is poised to take a giant leap backwards.

In October 2009, "stoning" -- for the crime of adultery -- will become the law of  the Aceh region of Indonesia. In 2006 proponents of Sharia law mandated that all Aceh women must cover their heads.

Although most Indonesians Muslims practice tolerant versions of Islam, hard-core fundamentalists have made inroads in some regions.  The efforts of missionaries from the Gulf states may account for recent the spread of conservative Islamic ideologies.

The photo of Indonesians pictured above was taken by Jotman as his train sped through central Java.      These people were standing way out in the middle of a vast expanse of rice fields.

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