Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arkansas resident: Fox News puts Obama's life at risk

Kathy, a reader in Arkansas, responds to a Jotman post highly critical of Fox News:
. . . . I am nervous now about people with guns . . . I am afraid for Obama. Where I live, rural Arkansas in an all-white county, I cannot say anything nice about Obama without worrying about my dogs being poisoned. I'm not being paranoid. I'm rather afraid right now and wish somehow Fox News could be halted from inciting such hatred in people. I think Obama has the potential to be one of our greatest presidents.
Back in July 2008 I expressed concerned here about the tone of McCain campaign rallies: some angry people fearful that Obama might be a Muslim.  The lies have changed with respect to the healthcare debate, but the dynamic is familiar. 

I am increasingly concerned that Obama's recent attempts to appease opponents will have both a corrupting effect on the democratic process and prove self-defeating.

For a change, it would be nice to see the president go on a Fox hunt.

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  1. While I agree that FOX News is stirring the uglier baser aspects of their constituents I must point out that popular speech doesn't need protection. Only unpopular speech needs the protection of the 1st Amendment.

    When someone begins to suggest that anyone or anything must be prevented from freely expressing themselves I begin to worry.

    In the words of Franklin: He who is willing to exchange freedom for security deserves neither.


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