Monday, July 6, 2009

Obama Medvedev nuclear agreement

During the campaign, Obama made a commitment to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons. Today, progress.

BBC reports that the "The 'joint understanding' signed in Moscow would see reductions of deployed nuclear warheads to below 1,700 each within seven years of a new treaty."

The numbers of weapons held by the old superpowers are getting low enough that far more substantial reductions ought to be within reach. At a certain point, pressure could then be brought to bear on other nuclear weapons states such as India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea, and regimes that seek nukes.

The goal should be to stigmatize nuclear weapons. The way forward will be for the United States and Russia to make further reductions of their own arsenals.

Getting there won't be easy. In pursuing this goal, Obama will be up against large US corporations that have a vested interest in nuclear weapons design and production. In fact, nuclear missile manufacturers such as Northrop Grumman seek to influence long-term US foreign policy objectives. You have to read this stuff to believe it. Check out my post The world according to Northrop Grumman.

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