Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The sanctimonious US media and the real Michael Phelps scandal

I can't watch this CNN video without wanting to throw up. It shows various self-righteous CNN media "experts" moralizing and pontificating about Michael Phelps' use of marijuana at a college party.

Shame on the US media for treating that which has long been an ordinary event in the life of almost any college student as if it were some kind of national scandal. And shame on Kellogg's for terminating Phelps' sponsorship contract.

Speaking of Kellogg's I came across this four-year old headline which sounds so nasty I think it's hilarious:
Kellogg Replaces Trans Fat With Genetically Modified Soybean Oil
First, the headline serves as a reminder that trans fats -- which companies like Kellogg's have for years been adding to their cereals and snack foods -- contribute to Americans' high rate of heart disease. Second, the proposed alternative to trans fats, genetically modified soybeans, are considered suspect by some scientists and banned in some countries. Third, there is mounting evidence that consuming soybeans can harm you. Finally the horrific headline reminds us that, certainly the safest thing to do is to avoid all processed foods -- a category which includes most, if not all, Kellogg's products.

Over the years, the consumption of trans-fat loaded Kellogg's products has likely ruined the health of a far greater number of Americans than marijuana smoking. Moreover, we know that Kellogg's continues to load its products with excessive amounts of sugar. Of course, sugar consumption is today linked not only to obesity but to a variety of chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Some studies have shown that cereal makers have jacked the sugar content of various products even as they have lowered the fat content.

Certainly, one good thing to have emerged from this big marijuana scandal is that it has allowed Michael Phelps to clear his name of the genuine moral blot on his sports career.


  1. Making a big deal outta Phelps serves the corporate press' agenda of keeping our minds off the real problems we're facing.

  2. GE sugar too.
    if we put sugar in horses's oats they probably would not be able to runfor very long and get sick.
    Why put sugar in cereal? And so much?
    Sugar is for dessert or cookies.
    It is basically feeding cookies to kids for breakfast.
    As for Phelps, shame on the person selling the photo.


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